How to unclog your toilet

Remove the pop-up plunger. (Some styles may require that you withdraw the horizontal pop-up bar in order to lift out the plunger.) Check the flat blades on the plunger. If there is a large accumulation of hair and debris on the blades, clean them off.

Before you replace the plunger, shine a light down the drain from the top of the drain pop-up flange. You can see if there is an accumulation of hair in the pop-up assembly that is further causing the clogged bathroom sink.If there is, try to hook it out from the top, or drop the “J” bend of the p-trap. Push any debris out of the open tail piece. Now reassemble the parts and try the drain again. If it is now clear, that was easy.

All that is left to do is set the pop-up in the closed position and fill the bowl of the fixture with tap water to the overflow. That is so you can check the water-tightness of the pop-up and drain joints.

Let the water out of the fixture while watching the piping below. If all is dry, you’re done. Yes, you were lucky… fixing your clogged bathroom sink was easy! Bask in the glory of a job well done!

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