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Helping Hands

LOCAL is committed to supporting local causes.
There is such an opportunity in our local community for businesses to reach out and donate time, money, and expertise to help people in need.
LOCAL adheres to the Golden Rule of treating others as we want to be treated.

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Company Core Values


Over the years LOCAL has built many relationships with clients and employees. Those relationships have cemented our company’s place in the market. Our relationships have been galvanized by up-and-down economies, mistakes on job sites and doing the right thing to fix the problems, donating time and money in the community, and always being willing to own the results, good or bad.


LOCAL has built a culture of being available and responsive to the needs of our highly valued employees and customers. We also work very hard to be available and responsive to our subcontractors, vendors, and inspectors. In order for LOCAL’s success to continue, we know that we must remain responsive to the needs of others.


LOCAL is unified in all that we do as a business. We collaborate on projects both in the field and in the office to maximize our capabilities. Our common goals of having a great place to work and having the best clients to work for bond us. We all stay on the same page when communicating information throughout the team so we can be effective.


LOCAL has encountered many difficult scenarios in both the service and construction projects. Success in these situations has largely come from perseverance and problem solving. We will never give up! We will rely on each other when we get stuck, and be available to coach each other through difficult problems. Our team possesses a lot of wisdom, and we will use that wisdom to help us excel in the day to day operations of our team.

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