Some Things You Can Do Concerning Portland Commercial Water Heater Repair And Maintenance:

Have you wondered what you can do to help maintain your water heater before having to call in the professionals? Below we have a few tips listed to help you in maintaining your water heater regularly.

Portland Commercial Water Heater Repair: Three Tips For You And Your Family

1) Have you tested your TPR valve lately? All you do is shut down the valve. Shut down the cold water and place a bucket under the TPR (Tempataure Release Valve). Lift the valve so the water runs out and let it go. Does the water stop or keep going? Anytime the water keeps draining it means you need to install a new valve.

2) Another thing you can do concerning Portland commercial Water heater repair is to check the anode rod. All you do is use a hose to drain the water from the tank. Unscrew the rod and look at the calcium deposits. Do you see a rod coated in calcium or less than 1/2 inches? That means it is time for a new anode rod.

3) Another thing you can do is drain the leftover water from the tank and wait for the sediment to drain into the bucket too. This will require you to use the drain cock. Let all the water and sediment run until clean water starts in.

After you do that, you then turn the drain cock back on and refill the tank.
Keep in mind, as you are doing all of this, you should keep the power turned off. That will prevent any unnecessary damages to your water heater.

Portland Commercial Water Heater Repair: Time To Call The Professionals

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