“Wherever You Are, We Are LOCAL


LOCAL Plumbing Co. is a Sherwood, OR based commercial shop offering 24/7 on-call service plumbing and drains,

remodel/construction plumbing, and specialized plumbing projects for the local Spirits industry (wineries,

breweries, and distilleries). LOCAL Plumbing Co. has serviced Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, and

Clark Counties for over 25 years.

We live and work in the local community and support other local businesses and causes. Service to others is a

primary motivating driver for our company. We believe in the traditional “Golden Rule” which states: One

should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. Our reputation with our clients is invaluable. Our

clients are predominantly commercial repeat customers or referrals from other existing customers.

John Coffman is the owner of LOCAL Plumbing Co. John has lived and worked in the local community for over

25 years. He is passionate about trust with his employees and clients. John is a modest leader who values the

equity of relationships. John’s 35 year career as a journeyman plumber has encompassed a vast variety of

projects. He has worked residential and commercial projects in the new construction and remodel markets and

helped design, consult, and install plumbing systems for the local Spirits industry.

Matt Ellison  is the Vice President and a 20 year veteran of the service plumbing and drain cleaning industry.

His background includes service in the local community as an Eagle Scout, a US Marine, and now in the

plumbing and drain business. John and Matt share the value of building relationships with others and both

believe that we are put here to serve.

20833 SW Olds Place  Sherwood, OR 97014

Office: 503-642-2067 Fax: 503-642-5954


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